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Final Project Write Up

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Final Project Week 12

I have decided to make the medium more like an old monitor and include beeping or heartbeat sounds like a heart monitor to go with the theme of life/death. I edited my poem because I do not think I would have been able to finish the project if I had not. Thus far I have finished a few sentences. I think I am going to go with less iconicity with the words and their movement and more pick out the words that I think should be stressed more and make them have whatever emotional movement I think it fits the most while adhereing to a sort of wave-like or sporaticness of a heart monitor. Currently I have been working on the computers in the multimedia lab because my computer cannot handle processing the program and cannot Adobe files to video files. So I cannot upload the video or gif or screenshots as of right now, but I will do that once I am able to go back to the multimedia lab. Edit: I have been to the multimedia lab and here is my progress on the animation.

Final Project Week 11

This week I started the process of my project. I started doing it on Photoshop because I am more familiar with the program and I wanted to do a glitch effect at the onset of the video, but realized that I would have to animate everything individually frame-by-frame in Photoshop, which is fine but I am going to try and see if I can transfer what I have so far to After Effects or Animate so I can have an easier time animating the piece. So far I think the aesthetic I'm going for is a plain black background with white lettering, but including a glitch effect so it looks like it is being shown on one of those old boxy TVs for nostalgia factor to go with the theme of the poem itself. The poem is styled like a eulogy. For particular words, especially ones that conjure up some sort of imagery, I want to mimic the movement or the shape of that imagery through animation to give emphasis to them and make the poem seem more animate and alive.

Final Project Proposal

Title : Eulogy to My Spanish Summary : My project is going to be an animated poem. The poem is going to be about my experiences and feelings about stopping the use of my native language, specifically why I stopped using it and how I feel years later about rejecting it. I am probably going to be using an Adobe program, though I am not sure if I will be using Adobe Animate, After Effects, or Photoshop. I want the aesthetic to be very simple and minimalist, focusing more on the words themselves and their movements than any background movement or anything too complicating and distracting. Keywords : animated text, digital poetics At the moment, I do not think I want to show my work Wednesday 12/12. Details : My project is going to be an animated poem. I want to experiment with having more control of how fast a reader is reading the words and what I want them to focus more on and just their general experience with the text. The digital aspect of my work is that it is going to be ani

Experiment 8

I translated one of Ian Hatcher's poems from his All New  work into Spanish. Here is what it looks like:     nuestro correspondiente afuera ahora                  con una historia nueva de ante-landia &&             una coneccion nueva un hombre hecho de nuevo se amarró a su ventana una noche nueva         de nuevo crear un nuevo                                                   cuchillo para esta esta nueva noche del futuro         mientra se enrosca de nuevo uno como este como este uno     se curva en ese uno                       nosotros dos podemos ser nuevos           completamente-nuevos juntos podemos ser completamente-nuevos                                en un pliegue en una moda podemos ser hilos en esta tela reconsumida nosotros también podemos ser  completamente-nuevos &&                                            que haces             que eres  como        entre    haces gustas

Translation and Multilingual Practices

I think agree with the Raley reading in that I think it is at least difficult and at most impossible for language technologies to be refined to the point of being true to the translation. I think that though translation technologies are definitely useful, it would be way too much to be able to translate the small inflectional differences language has, mostly idioms, since they vary across the world and even across countries who speak the same language. One of the points I found interesting is that language technologies are very English-centered, which I think largely limits the accessibility of them. I do think, however, that the use of language technologies could be useful in art. Not so much in doing something like translating books, which I do very much think need a native speaker of the target language who can understand how to genuinely and not literally translate certain parts of the book, or poems that sometimes hold importance in structure that cannot be done by just literal

Experiment 7

I decided to do a choose-your-own-adventure game, but was only able to do one scene with time constraints. I am debating whether to build off of it for my final project.